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Does your HDTV look like this?

Do you want it to look like this?

You need your HDTV professionally calibrated by Austin HD Experts!

Free1 HDTV evaluation!

Free2 consultation!

We guarantee we can make your HDTV look better by professionally calibrating it, or the calibration is FREE!3

Are you getting the best picture from your HDTV? HDTVs aren't calibrated at the factory for the best picture. If grass looks too green, people look slightly orange, dark scenes in movies are too dark with no detail or your picture is just too bright and overly colorful, then you need your TV professionally calibrated.

Is your HD cable box or satellite receiver set up to deliver a high-definition image to your HDTV? We have found that most of our customers with HDTVs and HD cable or satellite do not have their equipment set up correctly to deliver a proper HD image. We can fix that and any other audio/video issue you may have.

Do you need a projector and screen installed in your home? Do you have 5 remote controls and want them all replaced with a very easy-to-use smart remote control?

If you said yes to any of the above questions, let Austin HD Experts calibrate your HDTV, install your equipment, program remote controls or work with you to design the home theater you've always wanted.

HDTV Calibration
Believe it or not, that HDTV you love could have an even better picture. Using advanced calibration equipment and computer software, Austin HD Experts will bring out the best your TV can offer. If you just bought a new or used HDTV or have an HDTV that's a few years old, it is certain the picture is not as good as it could be. Calibrating an HDTV involves making adjustments to the TV in order to make it match the high definition video specification as close as possible. A properly calibrated TV will produce the best image quality possible. Colors will be more accurate. Skin-tones will look more natural. Shadow detail will be improved.

Audio/Video/Theater Design
Austin HD Experts can assist you with the following and more:
  • Install projectors and screens.
  • Fix improperly configured HD cable and satellite equipment.
  • Program complex remote controls (Harmony, Pronto, etc.) for easy operation.
  • Teach you how to use a complex home theater system.
  • Find the best prices on audio and video equipment.
  • Help you decide which equipment to purchase for your home theater needs.
  • Design audio/video systems from a simple living room setup to a dedicated movie theater.
  • Hook up home theater equipment.
  • Properly calibrate surround sound systems for more accurate sound.
  • Install tactile transducers in chairs and couches so they rumble and shake in conjunction with your subwoofer.

Learn more about HDTV calibration, our other audio/video services and contact us with your needs.

1 We will bring our calibration equipment to your house and provide you with a free evaluation of how accurate your TV's picture is. You only pay our $0.50/mile trip charge.

2 We will provide 1 hour of free consultation for any non-calibration request. You only pay our $0.50/mile trip charge.

3 If we cannot improve the luminance, gamma, color temperature, grayscale graphs or the CIE chart, we will waive the calibration fee. You only pay our $0.50/mile trip charge.

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