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About Austin HD Experts

Austin HD Experts was founded by Carl, an audio/video guru with many years of experience designing and building home theater systems that range from straightforward living room setups to a dedicated movie theater in his home. Carl has also spent years calibrating TVs ranging from flat panels (plasma, LCD) to high-end projectors. He has extensive knowledge of CRT-based systems as well, including rear projection CRT TVs and CRT projectors.

Carl's theater has the following equipment: Here is a panoramic picture of Carl's movie theater, stiched together from multiple images.

Here is another panormaic picture of Carl's movie theater after a recent paint job. Now the front wall and ceiling are flat black, while the side and back walls are a very nice, dark blue. The theater has also been converted from a 6.1 setup to a 7.1 setup. The front effects speakers were moved to the surround back speakers. There are also several bass traps in the room now, too.

Here are some pictures from Transformers and Cars on the actual screen which measures 106" diagonally. The movie pictures were taken with a Canon A95 5MP digital camera on a tripod. These images are all scaled down from the originals. The scaling process introduces artifacts in the images that make them look worse than the actual screen images, but they still give you a good idea of how nice a large projected image can be.

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