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HDTV Calibration Free HDTV evaluation!

We guarantee we can make your HDTV look better or the calibration is FREE!1

If grass looks too green, people look slightly orange, dark scenes in movies are too dark with no detail or your picture is just too bright and overly colorful, then you need your TV professionally calibrated.

Even the most expensive high-definition television isn't properly calibrated by the manufacturer. One reason for that is it would be too expensive and drive television costs up. Another is that most televisions are initially adjusted with overly bright pictures that look better in a brightly lit showroom. Also, televisions should be calibrated in the room they are used in, not at a store.

Austin HD Experts can correct the following types of issues on most HDTV sets:
  • Contrast - incorrect contrast setting clips off white picture detail and increases the risk for screen burn-in on plasma and CRT displays. Excessive contrast contributes to eye strain during viewing in a dark room.
  • Brightness - brightness set too high causes the picture to look washed out and have no shadow depth or detail. Too low ruins black detail and causes dark muddy images.
  • Color - making sure the primary colors (red, green and blue) are set properly so none look too bright or too dull.
  • Tint - ensuring the picture isn't too green or too red.
  • Grayscale - adjusting the image to achieve neutral whites, grays and blacks.
  • Sharpness - adjusting sharpness to find a proper balance of resolution.
  • Focus - CRT devices typically have focus controls that can be adjusted for tighter focus.
  • Geometry - making sure the picture is a nice rectangular shape that fills the entire screen with no bowing, tilting, skewing, etc. (for CRT TVs and projectors)
  • Convergence - CRT devices typically need the red and blue aligned with the green to achieve a sharp image free of colored borders on the edges.
  • Optics Cleaning - Rear projection TVs and projectors have optics that require cleaning for the best image.
We will calibrate your TV for as many sources as you have, for example an HD DVD player, a satellite receiver, a cable receiver, etc.

Calibration Equipment

To perform calibrations, we use an X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter along with HCFR 3.4.2 analysis software and Blu-ray test pattern discs. The colorimeter is a device that attaches to the front of the TV (or aimed at a screen in the case of a projector) and is connected to a computer. The HCFR analysis software takes readings from the colorimeter in order to objectively analyze the display quality in terms of primary colors (red, green and blue), secondary colors (yellow, cyan and magenta), brightness, contrast, grayscale and luminance. Before and after graphs of these parameters will be saved for comparison purposes.

Free HDTV evaluation. We will bring our calibration equipment to your home and provide a free evaluation of how accurate your TV's picture is. You only pay our $0.50/mile trip charge.


HDTV evaluation: FREE
Flat panel LED/LCD/plasma calibration: $150
Digital front projector calibration: $200
All other display types: Contact us

The above prices include performing calibration procedures for any HD sources (Blu-ray, cable, satellite, etc.). For non-HD sources, a separate calibration is required.

We also charge a trip fee to your location of $0.50/mile. We use Google maps driving directions to compute the distance from zip code 78660.

Schedule an appointment to have your HDTV calibrated today.

1 If we cannot improve the luminance, gamma, color temperate or grayscale graphs or the CIE chart, we will waive the calibration fee. You only pay our $0.50/mile trip charge.
Here are some before and after calibration images. Notice how natural the skin tones and colors become once a proper calibration has been performed.

RGB levels (grayscale) before calibration:

RGB levels (grayscale) after calibration:

CIE Color chart before calibration:

CIE Color chart after calibration:

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